The State of Africa’s Children Report 2010

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The State of Africa’s Children Report 2010


The report provides an overview of the state of Africa’s children, focusing on the Plan of Action ofr Africa Fit for Children and Call for Accelerated Action which sets out an ambitious series of measures to ensure that every child in Africa has a good start in life, can grow and develop in a child-friendly, nurturing environment of love, acceptance, peace, security and dignity. It also considers the development status of the African child, including a strong focus on the on the girl child, especially in relation to poverty and inequality, and highlights some challenges and progress on the promotion, strengthening and sustaining of child rights and welfare in Africa.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1: Introduction – Setting the Scene

Chapter 2: The African Child Rights Framework

Chapter 3: Enhancing the Life Chances of African Children

Chapter 4: Overcoming HIV and Aids for African Children

Chapter 5: Realising the Right to Education of African Children

Chapter 6: Realising the Right to Protection of African Children

Chapter 7: Realising African Children’s Right to Participation

Chapter 8: Strengthening the Institutional Framework and Policy Responses

Chapter 9: Concluding Comments and Observations