Kenya progress on amending its children’s laws

In April 2010, the Children’s Rights Project of the Community Law Centre in conjunction with UNICEF Kenya organised a workshop on the amendment of the Kenya Children Act of 2001. The workshop was the result of a process of reforms on the Act which began in 2006 under the auspices of the Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC). The amendments proposed by the KLRC were forwarded to the Attorney General (AG) for finalisation culminating in the Children Law Amendment Bill of 2007. However in view of the continued contributions and proposals for consideration, KLRC requested the AG to suspend the finalization of the Bill.


The task of the stakeholders therefore was to review the Act and the 2007 Amendment Bill and to identify the points of concern and issues that needed to be reconsidered in the Act. These would be forwarded to the KLRC for their amendments. The workshop brought on board the services of two consultants from Tanzania and South Africa. The consultants were instrumental in giving third party opinions, hands on comparative experience as well as guidance on international obligations and recent developments in the international law of the child. This contribution needed to be captured in the new law.

The deliberations of the workshop on the proposed amendments were forwarded to a task team formed at the end of the workshop. The task team would act on the report of the workshop and draft recommendations to the KLRC.